Choosing Your Removals Company

23 Mar 2015

Choosing Your Removals Company

23 Mar 2015:

The removals company that you choose to use can make or break your moving experience. Using the wrong company can make life miserable and chaotic, while suing the right company can make moving a breeze. Here is a look at some of the things that you should do when choosing which company to use for your house moving experience.

Removalist Tips

removalists-248x300The first thing to do is get on the internet and speak to friends and family who have moved before and put together a list of removalist companies. Make sure that you get their contact details and the official company name. You are going to need these at a later stage.


Once you have compiled your list, you need to do some research. There are loads of websites where individuals can post their compliments and complaints about the services offered by various companies. Search Google for the company name and see what reviews come up. Read the reviews, if you are happy with what you see, then leave them on the list. If anything is said that puts you off, then take the company off the list. Just remember that people are more likely to complain than to compliment, so do not try to base your decision on the ratio of complaints to compliments.

Get quotes

Once you have narrowed your list down to a few companies that you are willing to work with, make contact. Ask each company to send you a quotation to do the move for you. You will need to have an idea of how much furniture and boxes you have to move as well as the addresses of your current and new homes. They will need all of this information to make sure that they send you a van that is big enough to take all of your belongings in a single trip.

Decide on the Removalist Company

It is not always the best idea to go with the cheapest quote. Go back to your research and opt for the company that comes to a neat balance between reputation and price. You may find that the company you like best is one of the more expensive ones. The saying “you get what you pay for” definitely applies to removal companies. Go to this website here if you are thinking about storing your good in between your big move.

You really do not want to take any shortcuts when it comes to choosing your removals company. The most expensive is not necessarily the best, nor is the biggest. You are looking for a company that is small enough to treat you like a valued customer and not just a number. You also want to be sure that your goods will actually get to your new home in one piece, so you need to be sure that the company you use has a good reputation. It is not always easy to find the perfect removals company, but do give it a try. If you really do not have the time, then the recommendation of a friend of family member that you trust is the next best thing. If you need assistance from a cheap Melbourne storage facility be sure to contact the companies referenced in this article.